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Dr. Arnold will not be teaching for the Fall 2024 semester.

About Dr. Tom Arnold:

Tom Arnold leverages his payments background to evaluate and design security controls and secure systems that accept a variety of traditional and emerging consumer payment technologies. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at California State University San José, lecturing in Digital Evidence and Forensics within the Justice Studies/Forensic Sciences Department. His consulting clients are trans-global payment processors; over-the-air and traditional card production/personalization companies; global telecommunication companies; travel and hospitality companies; and large multi-national retailers.

Mr. Arnold has been directly involved in investigating and resolving security breach cases involving unauthorized access to computer systems and cloud environments. He has been the lead investigator on large breaches where environments spanned over 7,000 servers and involved complex threat hunting to find the adversary. Mr. Arnold has provided consulting to the US Secret Service, gives policy guidance to the US government and regulatory agencies, and is on the steering committee for the Las Vegas branch of the USSS/Cyber Fraud Task Force. He also sought to give expert testimony to the US Senate and House of Representatives on the proposed SAFE Act and Export Administration Act. Mr. Arnold has an extensive background in Internet eBusiness systems and electronic commerce, having published several white papers, and designed and consulted for some of the most successful electronic businesses.

Before PSC, he held leadership positions at InfoSpace as their VP of Product Development, Chief Software Architect for Infospace Merchant Services Division, and CyberSource Corporation as their CTO. While at CyberSource, he designed and deployed the full suite of Internet Commerce Services for the Company and contributed to or authored 6 registered patents.