CSI Summer Camp

Do you love doing puzzles, understanding how things work, visiting science museums, watching The New Detectives, Forensic Files, BonesBody of Proof, CSI, and actually having some hands-on experiences? Then this is the camp for you! We currently do not have plans to hold a CSI Camp for Summer 2024. 



CSI Summer Camp Group Photo

The CSI Summer Camp is a hands-on, in-depth experience, filled with multiple exercises led by forensic science and CSI experts. In our unique camp, we have national experts from city, county, state and federal laboratories and agencies that come to share their vast knowledge of CSI and forensic science!

Experience crime scene investigation and forensic science with actual experts in the field as you learn the secrets of how CSIs uncover hidden evidence, careful observation and collection of evidence, detection and interpretation of fingerprints, blood stain patterns, DNA, report writing, and ethics and court testimony in this one week, hands-on intensive camp at San José State University. 

We currently do not have plans to hold a CSI Camp for Summer 2024. 

Activities include:

  • Crime Scene Investigation, Chain of Custody, Evidence documentation and processing
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Fingerprint classification, latent print development, lifting and comparisons
  • Shoe-print pattern comparisons
  • Blood presumptive testing
  • Blood stain pattern analysis
  • DNA electrophoresis and forensic DNA profiling
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic DNA and International Crime/Human Rights Investigations
  • Courtroom procedures and testimony

How it began/Schedule

The camp initiated with support from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. It has become extremely popular as students have the opportunity to meet and work with working crime scene investigators and forensic scientists (in addition to our experienced staff members) during parts of the CSI camp.


We currently do not have plans to hold a CSI Camp during Summer 2024. 


We currently do not have plans to hold a CSI Camp during Summer 2024.


The CSI Summer Camp is targeted for those interested in the application of science to criminal investigation that will be most appropriate for advanced middle to high school students, ages between 13 to 17 years old.

Camp Instructors 

Professors, staff, and students from the Forensic Science program at San José State University, practicing CSIs, and forensic scientists from California and beyond will provide their expertise to the camp. Our faculty and staff include former crime scene investigators and forensic scientists, which will be on hand to work with the campers. 


We currently do not have plans to hold a CSI Camp for Summer 2024.

Comments from past CSI Summer Camp events:

“You guys are awesome!! Thank you again for such a great camp experience. Emileo has told me several times how much taking the camp MADE HIS SUMMER!

It really set him up for a great school year and motivated him to try more new things. I just learned he will be helping out with a school play. He also told someone recently that when he goes to college he would like to major in criminal justice to be a expert firearms witness! That is the first time he has ever talked about another career besides the army. The work you all do is very important and it changes the lives’ of young people!”