Current Students

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Resources for Justice Studies Students

As a student in SJSU's Department of Justice Studies, our department provides the tools and resources you'll need to succeed during your studies and after graduation.

Academic Advising

Our academic advisors are here to assist you with any of your questions regarding courses and what you'll need to do in order to graduate.


From internships to how to apply for senior seminar, we have the resources you need to succeed as an undergraduate student in the Department of Justice Studies.


Explore the resources we have for graduate students like our program policies and the steps you'll need to take to complete your graduate degree.

Internship Enrollment

Learn more about the process of getting an internship, and what paperwork to fill out. 

Student Organizations

Discover the many student organizations available for you to join as a student within the Department of Justice Studies.

International Experience

Looking to travel abroad during your studies? Learn more about the international education experiences we have available. 

Themis Student Research Journal

Themis is a student lead, peer-reviewed academic journal highlighting student research in the justice studies and forensic research fields. Learn more about how you can participate.

Internship and Senior Seminar Add Codes

If you are planning to take the JS 181 Internship or the JS 189/FS 169 Senior Seminar course, you will need to fill out an add code request form.