Register for Senior Seminar

Application process for JS 189 and FS 169

  1. Students may enroll in Senior Seminar only during their final semester at SJSU, and they must have already applied to graduate.
  2. Students intending to enroll in Senior Seminar must complete and submit the Senior Seminar Add Code Application Form to confirm that:
    1. they qualify academically for the course
    2. all the the course’s prerequisites have been satisfactorily met
  3. The Department of Justice Studies will notify the eligible students and provide them with an add code that allows them to enroll into a Senior Seminar section. The Department of Justice Studies will notify the students who are not eligible for the course.
  4. Attempts to enroll all students will be made. However, some students may not be enrolled and may have to wait until a subsequent semester to take the course.