Faculty in our department are internationally renowned scholars whose research interests include mass-incarceration, urban policing, immigration control, prisoner reentry, juvenile justice, gender and race in crime and punishment, politics of reproduction, forensic science, crime in the Caribbean, and drug policies. We offer a unique interdisciplinary graduate curriculum drawing upon Criminology, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Law and History. Areas of teaching and research in the Department include criminal justice, law & society, human rights, policy evaluation, critical legal studies, punishment & society, feminist criminology, race theory, and history.

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Steps to Complete the M.S. Justice Studies Degree

Steps to complete the M.S. Justice Studies degree include Complete Coursework, Pre-Candidacy, Candidacy, Thesis or Project, Applying for Graduation, Final Check and Graduation

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Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Ericka Adams

Dr. Adams has published in the areas of crime and deviance in Trinidad and Tobago, crime control strategies implemented within underprivileged neighborhoods, as well as female substance abuse. Her current research interests center on the impact of violence on communities in Trinidad and Tobago, the exclusionary practices that accompany a criminal record, and whether criminal expungement transforms the lives of those who have been previously incarcerated.