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Books and exhibition catalogs may be purchased at the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery located in the Art Building at San José State University. Please make checks payable to SJSU Art Gallery. For electronic payments with domestic shipping, purchases can be made on our online store.

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Creativity, Change, Committment

Creativity, Change, Commitment: A Celebration of 100 Years of the Department of Art by Jo Farb Hernández

A hardcover book documenting the past hundred years, and including images by or narratives about more than 160 alumni, as well as faculty, staff, and programs, has been produced by the gallery.

$50 public/$30 SJSU

Singular Spaces

Singular Spaces: From the Eccentric to the Extraordinary in Spanish Art Environments by Jo Farb Hernández

Published by leading outsider art imprint Raw Vision, Singular Spaces is a groundbreaking survey of art environments created by self-taught artists from mainland Spain. The book introduces and examines 45 artists and their idiosyncratic sculptures, gardens and buildings, most of which have never been published.The book includes 1,306 photos and the CD includes 4,179 more.

$80 public/$60 SJSU

Bruce Nauman Time Tunnel cover

Time Tunnel: Bruce Nauman's Corridor Installation with Mirror-San José Installation (Double Wedge Corridor with Mirror)

Authored by Constance Lewallen, Dore Bowen, Keith Daly, Tony May, and Aaron Wilder, this exhibition catalog documents the reinstallation of Time Tunnel: Bruce Nauman's Corridor Installation with Mirror - San José; Installation (Double Wedge Corridor with Mirror) at the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery in 2019. 

$70 public/$50 SJSU

Jon Serl

Jon Serl: The Mutability of Being by Jo Farb Hernández, Randall Morris, Cara Zimmerman

Jon Serl (1894-1993) was a self-taught artist who lived alone in a ramshackle 25-room house he built himself in the California desert, who fed the birds and raised his own food, and who created paintings that are compelling, enigmatic, and forceful: redolent of days and nights fighting the demons of the past and the harassments of the present, but also of the joy of color and the tension that releasing his stories in paint assauged.

$45 public/$35 SJSU

Forms of Tradition in Contemporary Spain

Forms of Tradition in Contemporary Spain by Jo Farb Hernández

A ground-breaking study of contemporary Spanish folk and traditional arts and artists, this book broadens the existing understanding of these arts by creating a more realistic and expansive interpretation of tradition and the influences upon each creative act.

$40 hardcover/$20 paperback

Gerald Walburg

Gerald Walburg: Looking, Thinking, Making by Jo Farb Hernández

The first major monograph on artist Gerald Walburg, a California artist who draws on a wide range of sources to develop flawlessly-crafted sculptures that combine formalist elegance and potent symbolic content.

$50 public/$30 SJSU

Irwin Tepper

Irvin Tepper: When Cups Speak: Life With the Cup: a 25-Year Survey by Jo Farb Hernández. et. al.

For the past 25 years, Irvin Tepper has been engaged in an exploration of the physical and conceptual idea of the coffee cup. Endowed with animistic qualities, Tepper's cups (made of porcelain or bronze, seen in photographs and drawings) hear, think, and even speak, commenting on the stories they overhear and the lives they witness as we drink our daily cups of coffee--with friends, business associates, or just the daily paper.

$40 public/$20 SJSU

Peter Shire: Go Beyond the Ordinary by Jo Farb Hernández


Exhibition catalog by Jo Farb Hernandez et. al. Peter Shire: Go Beyond the Ordinary. San Jose: Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, San Jose State University, 2004.


Sam Richardson

Color in Space: A Sam Richardson Retrospective by Patricia Sanders, Cathy Kimball, and Jo Farb Hernández


Color in Space: A Sam Richardson Retrospective, which opened November 8, 2002 at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, marked the first time retrospective of the artist's career. This exhibition catalog includes an essay by Patricia B. Sanders and interview by Jo Farb Hernández.



Marc D'Estout

Marc D’Estout: Domestic Objects by Jo Farb Hernández


An exhibition catalog that includes essay by Meredith Tromble with additional contributions by Philip E. Linhares and Robert W. Milnes, and spans two decades of Marc D'Estout's career. 


Holly Lane

Holly Lane: Small Miracles by Jo Farb Hernández

An exhibition catalog with sculptures by artist Holly Lane.