Health & Well-Being / Environmental Impact

Health and Well-being and Environmental Impact

How has the pandemic impacted our health and well-being? For this theme, students engaged those issues surrounding health and healthcare in this country. Inquiries ranged from access to health insurance, support for frontline workers, the international race for the vaccine, as well as human fragility and the toll quarantine is taking on our bodies and emotional well-being. Students looked into the enduring visual and material culture of the pandemic and the emblems of health such as masks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Additionally, students considered the lives and struggles of the “heroes” of the pandemic: healthcare works.

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Analytical Scholarship and Literary Arts

Performing Arts and Media Arts

// MCOM 284 with Professor Tina Korani
Covid-19 Application
Covid-19 Application
Corid Application

Visual Arts 

// PHOT 197 with Professor Binh Danh
The Ransom Family Formation
Weavings by Carla Torres Montero
To: MJ (Marijo, Marie-Josée)

// DSID 130 with Professor Kohar Scott

Mannequin with prototype facemask

Designing the next generation of masks that solve problems of use in everyday life. Download the presentations below!