Lecture Series Archives

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Vanessa Chang

Lauren Schell Dickens

Jolie Ngo

Sarah Mackay: Museum Curation and Cultivating Local Identity

James Lord - Material Landscapes: Authenticity, Innovation and Collaboration

Adia Millett in Conversation with Simone Gage about her exhibition at San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art

Juan Carlos Araujo: Art is Life - Life is Art

Sama Alshaibi

Karl Jean-Guerly Pétion: Provisional Accommodations

Katerina Kopytina: Building an independent design career vs working in a studio

Alyssarhaye Graciano: Artist and Curator: An Accidental Arts Career

Michael Eden : Form and Transform

Cheryl Derricotte

Anna Kipnis: Some Intriguing Experiments with ML in Games

Sofía Córdova

Dorothy Santos



Raphael Noz: The Fabulation of Saint Apophenia

Jordan Stein: Jay DeFeo’s Post-Rose, Edge-Oriented Electromagnetism

Futurefarmers: Bones, Tones, and Phones - Artist Walk-through & Opening Reception

DeWayne Barton: Rebuilding Affrilachia

James Angus: Sculpture

Robin Lasser - Breathing Fire: The Voices of Those Left Standing

Jonathon Keats: Prototyping Future Democracies

Anna Lehner: Time, Temperature, and Fracture

Rajorshi Ghosh: I Don't Know

Frances Guerin - Seeing Differently: Gerhard Richter’s Seascapes

Trinh Mai, Understory: as retold by Trinh Mai & Birds

Mel Day, Re:Sounding

James G. Leventhal: "Why an ICA?"

Marissa Saneholtz: Practice and Pearls of Wisdom

William Camargo: Photography, Process and the Movement to Decolonize Photography

Kamau Patton: Tombs, Exhibition Opening and Lecture

Mona Caron

Leah Nichols: What Is Easy?

Verona Carpenter Architects - Spatial Agency: Redesigning The Environment To Support Neurodiversity

Daniel Faust



Zoom Lectures

Shaun O'Dell: Ghost Extraction Dialogue for Beyond When the Golden Portal Can Come

Shaun Leonardo: From Seeing to Witnessing

Jacqueline Gordon: Sound Sense

Nada Shabout

Tamiko Thiel

Patrick Lydon and Suhee Khang

Valerie Cassel Oliver and Howardeena Pindell

Mindy Seu

Refik Anadol

Wafaa Bilal Panel: Wafaa Bilal, Andrew Blanton, Nada Shabout, Alena Sauzade

Jorge Ozorno

Karolina Karlic

People's Kitchen Collective

Chelsea Thompto

BFA student showcase

Tosha Stimage: You are at all times a Revolution

Where We Are: Opening Reception

Sophie Kahn: Dematerialized

Lola Malavasi Lachner - Forms of resistance: art and education in Central America

Kathryn Wade: Museums and Media Art

Asma Kazmi: After Jahangir and other works

Masako Miki: New Methodologies

Matthias Kohler: Digital Materiality in Architecture

New Kinships: Community Dialogues and Interdisciplinary Connections

Miguel Monroy: We Are a Way for the Cosmos to Know Itself

Rhiannon Alpers - Fieldwork: Papermaking as a Reflection of Our Surroundings 

Patricia Albers: Joan Mitchell, Painter




Jimin Lee & Paula Levine: BoundarySpan

Lark Alder: Virtually Conflicted Reality: Reconciling Utopia vs. Dystopia

Jamil Hellu: Hues

Dr. Ceci Moss: Expanded Internet Art

Raven Halfmoon: Between Seen & Unseen

Rosa Menkman: Beyond Resolution: From Shadow Knowledge to Impossible Images

(Zoom) Troy Chew: Out the Mud

(Zoom) Matthias Kohler: From Paradigm to Practice: Towards a Digital Building Culture

(Zoom) Shaun O’Dell: Ghost Extraction Dialogue for Beyond When the Golden Portal Can Come

(Zoom) Rosa Menkman: Shadow Knowledge

(Zoom) South Bay Arts Organizations Panel

(Zoom) Sondra Sherman

(Zoom) Beatriz Cortez in Conversation with Erin Christovale (Sponsored by ConSortiUm, a collaborative of CSU art museums and galleries)

(Zoom) Renee Billingslea

(Zoom) Dana Frankfort

(Zoom) Cate White

(Zoom) Postcommodity (Sponsored by ConSortiUm, a collaborative of CSU art museums and galleries)

(Zoom) Jiabao Li

(Zoom) Hidden Histories Project

(Zoom) Gelare Khoshgozaran

(Zoom) Forensic Architecture (Sponsored by ConSortiUm, a collaborative of CSU art museums and galleries)

(Zoom) Stephanie Dinkins

(Zoom) Anuradha Vikram



Woody DeOthello, Lucy Puls: Planned Obsolescence

Greg Niemeyer: A Bell, A Core, A Node

Terry Berlier: Constructed Histories

Dee Hibbert-Jones: Art, Film, & the Public

Ala Ebtekar: Nightfall - If the Stars Should Appear One Night in a Thousand Years

Gideon Bok: Wave

Michael Ogilvie: Public Art - A Cure and A Career

Binh Danh: Living a Creative Life

Jonathan Keats: Robotic Democracy

Vagner Whitehead: Is That For Me?

Abel Barroso: Upgrading

Nathaniel Stern: The World After Us - Art, Technology, and Ecology

Terry Powers: Home School

Fall 2019 Digital Media Arts Faculty: Exhibition Walk-through

Dionicio Mendoza: Artist Tool Box (Artist-in-Residence Programs)

Ann Weber: Art and Life

Jenny Sabin: Matter Design Computation - Biosynthesis and New Paradigms

Karl Daubmann: From Hand to Mouth

Aspen Mays: Approaching Infinite Limits

Mads Lynnerup: Playful Manner

Ebitenyefa Baralaye: Material Lives

Rebeca Bollinger: A Shortcut Through Spacetime

Tom Killion: Woodblock Prints of the California Landscape

James Voorhies: I Call This Work Research

Sherwin Rio: BoundarySpan

Michael Arcega: BoundarySpan

Ranu Mukherjee: A Completely Matter of Fact Acceptance of the Agency of Non-Humans



Time Tunnel Curatorial Panel: Bruce Nauman's Corridor 'San Jose Installation'

Magdalena Barrera: Russell Lee & the Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas

The Art of Time: Discussing Bruce Nauman's 'San Jose Installation'

Enrique Leal: Presing Matter(s)

Rhonda Holberton: Immaterial Reality

Olalekan Jeyifous: Speculative Futures (Imminence and Immanence) and Fred Scruton: American Sites

Richard Meyer: Contact Warhol - Photography Without End

J. John Priola: Form & Idea

Dante Marioni: Classical Forms Reinterpreted in Glass

Heather Roberge: Engaging by Design

Tess Vinnedge: Lalla Essaydi - Les Femmes du Maroc

Meghana Bisineer: Shifting Ground

Kevin Snipes: Unconventionally Drawn



Pictorial Arts Faculty Exhibition Walk-through

Ron Rael: Borderwall as Architecture

Lauren Gallaspy: Skin Deep

Robert Dawson: On Reading

Lava Thomas: A Timely Conversation

Barry Threw: Synergizing Totalities

Diane Miliotes: José Guadalupe Posada and the Mexican Penny Press

Pamela Z: Crossing Disciplines

Surabhi Saraf: An Attentive Pause

Joyce Burstein: The Epitaph Project

Laura Cunningham: Powers of Observation

Mel Day and Michelle Wilson: Interdiscplinary Practices

Erik Scollon: Upending Ceramic Traditions

Prajakti Jayavant: Bending Painting