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Pandemic Pandemonium

The Pandemic Pandemonium invited students to release their artistic, creative, and intellectual geniuses to express, create, analyze, and visualize how the pandemic has affected our lives, our art, and our world. The initiative is a movement designed to reflect and take visible action about the role of artists and thinkers across disciplines in our society as we grapple with this monumental moment.

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Spring 2021

Skeletons engaged in various domestic activities

Art 25: Expressive Drawing

Students from Professor Shaun O'Dell's Expressive Drawing class respond to the work of Fall 2021 Guest Artists & Lecturers.

Mental State exhibition flyer

Photo 120: Image & Idea

A mental state is an emotion or condition that greatly influences an individual’s thought processes at a moment in time. Mental State is a virtual gallery exhibition curated by Dr. Jonathan Fung in collaboration with his San Jose State University Photo 120: Image and Idea class during the Spring 2021 semester.

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Godai photo 120 class flyer

Photo 120: Image & Idea

Art works created by 17 Image and Idea students, examining their personal relationship with the five senses:
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Void

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Digital Autonomy class flyer

Art 195: Digital Media Art BFA projects

San José State University's Digital Media Art BFA Class of Spring 2021 is proud to present their Senior Exhibition Digital Autonomy, hosted on New Art City.

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Fall 2020

close of brass ring with sun pattern

Art 147 - Metal smithing with Instructor Yvonne Escalante

Art 147 brought together a group of students from all skill levels to focus on creating kinetic metal sculpture through a literal and metaphorical lens as they set up home shops. The students met these challenges with industriousness and gumption. This exhibition showcases work from the first two projects of the semester. The first project’s prompt and template were based on a traditional jeweler’s loupe which is designed to allow for close and exacting examination of small work. For the second project, A Ring with a Spin, students fabricated a ring with a single axle to create a layered, wearable sculpture that spins. 


view through window to interior gallery with various paintings and sculptures

Art 166: Advanced Painting with Professor Shaun O'Dell

Breaking Left is an exhibition at Right Window Gallery, San Francisco, featuring work from Advanced Painting with Professor Shaun O'Dell. This fall our topic is ‘processes of abstraction,’ which we have explored through a survey of more than fifty-thousand years of painting in art history. In the course students are asked to consider abstraction as elemental to the production of art, whether it is deployed pictorially, formally or conceptually.


composite image of sliced bread on plate with coronavirus superimposed on top

Photo 115: Intermediate Digital Imaging with Professor Valerie Mendoza

Intermediate Digital Imaging is a photography course where students spend the balance of the semester learning or refining their Photoshop compositing skills. The final project involves using Premiere Pro to construct, what for many of the students are their first, video projects. The class emphasizes creating fine art work with thoughtful concepts, while developing digital technical skills. This work included addresses a wide range of subject matter, from the pandemic and "shelter in place" orders, to the election, issues of racial justice, and personal identity.

abstracted portrait with yellow and blue

Art 25: Expressive Drawing with Professor Shaun O'Dell

Highlights from Art 25: Expressive Drawing with Professor Shaun O'Dell. 

dreamscape logo with rocket ship

Dreamscape: BFA Digital Media Art

Rather than focusing on what is not possible during this time of uncertainty, Dreamscape emphasizes the potential for the emergence of new and diverse ideas as we adapt to the global pandemic.Though the work is diverse in many ways, all projects are a testament to our capacity to overcome obstacles and dream of new ways-of-being. Our projects consist of a variety of topics which include identity, social issues, mental health, and much more. Some of the mediums our projects encompass are data visualization, visual and auditory experience, digital paintings, digital video, virtual space, game, and web art.