Employee Assistance

LifeMatters® by Empathia, San José State University’s confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is dedicated to employee well-being. From emotional and family counseling to providing geriatric care management, LifeMatters® offers both online and in-person support.

Visit LifeMatters® online for more information.

NOTE: To enter the LifeMatters® by Empathia website, you must sign in with the company password. Find the login information here. [SJSU login required]

Find the login information and toll free number here. [SJSU login required]


A Guide to LifeMatters® by Empathia

When you or your family need useful ideas, helpful resources, or reliable professional care, LifeMatters is just a phone call away. Free, confidential LifeMatters services include:

Telephone and face-to-face counseling for:

  • Stress, depression, and personal problems
  • Balancing work and personal needs
  • Family and relationship concerns
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Any other issue of concern in your life

WorkLife Services:

  • Financial consultation and resources to set up a budget, obtain and review credit report information, or assist with debt management and consolidation.
  • Legal consultation with an attorney either over the phone or face-to-face for consumer law, traffic citations and fender benders, family law, or estate planning.

Online and assisted searches for:

  • Child and elder care resources and guidance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Educational resources
  • Personal security

Empathia Family

  • Online calculators for a variety of analytical questions and needs
  • Home improvement
  • Veterinarians, pet-sitting, and obedience training

The program's user-friendly, confidential services are available to you and your eligible dependents 24 hours a day.

Find the login information and toll free number here. [SJSU login required]

Go to mylifematters.com on the web or your mobile device and enter the password to access resources, educational information, and self-service options.
Find the login information here. [SJSU login required]

Services provided directly by LifeMatters are free. If you are referred to outside resources, you will be advised about your costs, if any.

Find the login information here. [SJSU login required]