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Flexible delivery optionsFlexible delivery options for our courses and training:
  • On-site / On-campus training
  • Seminars and conferences
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Professional Development and Workforce Training

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San Jose State University offers multiple flexible opportunities for professional development. Over the years, the university has developed a strong reputation as one of the largest educational providers to working professionals and companies in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

That unique connection between Silicon Valley companies and SJSU brings together professional knowledge with a tradition of academic excellence. Some of the benefits of enrolling in our programs as a student or a corporate partner include:

  • Reasonable fees for professional development programs
  • Custom-made programs adapted to specific industry needs
  • Locations at SJSU, in Silicon Valley or online
  • Courses on evenings and weekends
  • Top faculty and instructors vetted by SJSU
  • Quality education from Silicon Valley’s top public university
Few institutions have been as crucial to Silicon Valley's success as San José State University, which trains many of the engineers, software designers and tech savvy business people who keep the Valley's technology machine rolling.
- San Jose Mercury News

Join San Jose State’s 226,000 local alumni who have launched their careers from SJSU classrooms. They know, as do others, that education doesn’t stop with a degree. Professional development is an essential tool to advance a career and ensure professional success. Find out how SJSU can help you gain an edge in the workplace.