Counseling & Health Center

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center (SHC) provides medical care to students enrolled at SJSU. In addition to treating acute conditions, injuries and illnesses, the (SHC) provides a family planning program and maintains an in-house licensed pharmacy, a physical therapy department, a federally certified high-complexity laboratory, and an x-ray department.

Registered Special Session and Open University students may access SHC services during any school term/session/intersession by paying $25/visit (plus the same augmented or specialty service fees that are paid by students who pay the MHF, see the Student Wellness Center website for more information on fees). To set up an appointment, call (408) 924-6122.

For questions regarding SJSU's mask mandate or the Covid-19 vaccination requirements, please visit the Health Advisory and Student Health Center websites. 

Counseling Services

To learn more about counseling services for Open University and Special Session students, please visit Counseling Services.

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