Partner With Us

Every year, San José State University (SJSU) graduates rejuvenate the surrounding communities with fresh ideas and a high-caliber workforce. Our partners know—we are a university where students become professionals, developing the skills needed for success. 

Who does Profesional and Continuing Education (PaCE) partner with?

Partnerships with SJSU, a WASC-approved continuing education provider are available for various types of institutions, including: 

  • Corporations
  • School districts
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations

Courses are offered through classroom and/or online learning, workshops, and/or conferences.

Why partner with us?

By providing continuing education training to your employees and other professionals, you are equipping individuals with the needed skills to achieve personal growth and advance their skill set to meet organization and industry needs. As an added benefit to your organization, partnerships can help retain talent and attract new accomplished professionals. We offer:

  • Customized training solutions
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) opportunities to help employees maintain credentials
Want to get started?

Together we can build custom training programs for your workforce and the community to help support your organization. 

Join other companies who benefit from SJSU’s partnerships—growing and improving the knowledge and skill of talented students and professionals. 

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