MSAE Project & Thesis Reports: 2023

Spring 2023

Andrew F. Strauss
Development of an Electromagnetic Coil Array for a Small-Scale Rotating Magnetic Field Plasma Thruster [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Ali Guarneros Luna
Avraham S. Gileadi
Power and Thermal Characterization of a Lunar Weather Station and Laser Space Communications Network Node [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Ali Guarneros Luna
Cesar Gonzalez
Machine Learning for Flow Evolution Ahead of an Aircraft [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
Ian A. Vaca
A Systematic Literature Review of Rotating Detonation Engines (RDE’s) & Potential Scalability for Use in Non-Rocket Based Applications [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
Jack R. Gallagher
Advanced Propulsion Integrated within Structure [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
Raghuvir Singh
Modeling Hexacopter’s Flight Dynamics on Earth and Martian Surface Using FLIGHTLAB [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Maria Chierichetti
Stanley Marcus Krześniak
Wavefront - Design, Analysis, and Selected Testing of a Complete Martian Spacecraft System [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
Todd W Kelmar
Machine Learning Based Sensor Selection for Modal Testing [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Maria Chierichetti
Zion Amador
Conceptual Design And Analysis Of ASupersonic Fighter Aircraft With Low-Boom Technology (SFAwLT) [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Maria Chierichetti 
Zongnan Chen
Dynamics and Control Analysis of In-Flight Wing Damage Recovery Using Morphing Wing [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Long Lu

Summer 2023

Alex Ganbold
Design of a Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control System for a Thrust Vector Controlled Rocket [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Jeanine Hunter
Aysha Rehman
Conceptual Design of a CubeSat-Based Lunar Rover Swarm Mission [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
Ethan J. Miller
Lunar Mass Driver Implementation [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos
James D. Gonzalez
Calculation and Analysis of the Rejected Takeoff Speed of a Commercial Airliner Under Various Environmental Conditions [pdf]
Advisor : Dr. Thomas Lombaerts
Joon Yang
H.O.P.E. Humanity’s Orbital Presence Endeavour [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Ali Guarneros-Luna
Zijing Zheng
Aerodynamic Analysis of ADEPT SR-1 Forebody [pdf]
Advisor : Prof.Derek Lang

Fall 2023

Chris Lam
The Conceptual Design of a 3000 lb Class Parasite Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle [pdf]
Advisor : Prof. Sean Montgomery