Peer Evaluation

Each team member will be evaluated and given a score 1 through 5 by his / her teammates in each of the seven criteria (see below) based on his / her participation and performance in the team. These scores will be averaged for each member. Individual project scores will be the average score converted into a percentage multiplied by the total number of points for the team. For example, if the team score for this project is, 160 points, an individual with a peer review average score of 80% will receive 80 x 160 = 128 points). Team reports must include a peer evaluation form filled out by  each member . Each peer evaluation form must be sealed in a separate envelope.

Peer Evaluation Form [pdf]

Please write below and in the back of this form one (minimum) or more paragraphs about the work of each member of your team, including your own. These narratives should amplify the ratings you gave in the table, by (a) identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and (b) suggesting ways in which his / her work can be more effective. Also, evaluate the team as a whole. Feel free to attach additional pages.