MSAE Project & Thesis Reports: 2019

Spring 2019

Aaron Michael Ford
Helicopter dynamics concerning retreating blade stall on a coaxial helicopter [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Jeanine Hunter

Rupa Sindhu Gunnam
Design of a regional hybrid transport aircraft [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nikos Mourtos

Royd Arlen Johansen
Conceptual design for a supersonic advanced military trainer [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nikos Mourtos

Richard Joseph Morrison
Dynamic modeling of a large solar array in a deep space orbit [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Sean Swei

Simon Hill Brask Sorensen
Computational fluid dynamic analysis of scaled hypersonic re-entry vehicles [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos

Robert Ziegler
Levenberg-Marquardt filter for orbit estimation [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Jeanine Hunter

Summer 2019

Paul Johnson
CFD analysis of a linear aerospike engine with film-cooling [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos

Mani Subramanian
CFD simulation of a tripropellant combustion chamber [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos

Fall 2019

Romalyn Mirador
Spacecraft Trajectories in a Sun, Earth, and Moon Ephemeris Model [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Lucia Capdevila