Cybersecurity Foundations Certificates Program Course Requirements

1. You must be a currently enrolled CMPE student at SJSU to pursue this certificate.

2. You need to complete the six core courses before applying for the cybersecurity certificate.

3. You are only allowed to repeat one of these courses once in order to still be eligible for the certificate.

4. You will need a minimum 2.0 GPA in all required courses for the certificate (including 1 course repeat).

5. As soon as you receive all grades for the six core course requirements, please fill out this CMPE Cybersecurity Foundations Certificate Google form to start the application process. 

  • This form will be available twice a year: (1) at the end of Spring semester and (2) at the end of Fall semester.
  • Opens: First day grades are viewable on MySJSU
  • Closes: 5 weekdays after Academic Standing is posted on MySJSU
    View dates on the appropriate Registration Calendar

6. An application form will be started for you and will be reviewed by the department. If approved, it will be forwarded to you for signature and then to the Registrar's office for further processing.

7. Students can take either CMPE 132 (preferred) or CS 166. 

8. Students can take either CMPE 181 or CMPE 182 to substitute CS/SE 158B starting Fall 2019.

9. Students can take CMPE 183 to substitute CS/SE 158B starting Fall 2021.

Course Requirements                                                                   Unit

CMPE 130. Advanced Algorithm Design                                           3
CMPE 132. Information Security                                                     3
CMPE 138. Database Systems I                                                      3
CMPE 142. Operating Systems Design                                             3
CMPE 148. Computer Networks I                                                    3
SE 158B. Computer Network Management                                       3

Total Units:                                                                                 18

Cybersecurity Certificate Coordinators: Bernardo Flores & Younghee Park

If you have any questions, please email with your full name and student ID number.

If you are interested in obtaining a certificate in cybersecurity, follow the steps in the program requirements.

Please note that we cannot adjust the course schedules due to your conflicts and we cannot make substitute courses except for the above course lists.