Undergraduate CMPE and SE Change of Major Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the required GPA to change my major to CMPE and SE?
A. The department uses the Impacted Grade Point Averages (GPAs) for transfer students who have completed four course requirements as a basis for change of major. Students need to meet the Impacted GPA in “All College” GPA provided they have passed the four required courses. Also, they will be ranked based on the Impacted GPA on all STEM courses required in the major. The University publishes the impacted GPA annually, which is 2.6 for SE and 2.7 for CMPE for 2016

Q. Which courses are required for change of major?
A. The four required courses that need to be completed with a grade of “C” or better are the same as the supplemental courses for transfer students.
These courses are:
CMPE: Math 30, Math 31, Physics 50, CMPE 30
SE: Math 30, Math 31, Physics 50, CS 46A.

Q. Could you provide some clarifications in how to use the change of major formulas ?
A. The first formula
(GPA) × 150 + (CRS #1) × 150+ (CRS #2) × 150+ (CRS #3) × 150 + (CRS #4) × 150
is the same as the one used for transfer students. It simply means that students should get the impacted GPA for all classes taken provided they have passed the four required courses.

The second formula
(GPA) × 0.2 + (GPA_STEM) × 0.8
is used to rank students once they meet the first requirement and get the Impacted GPA in all STEM classes required in the major. The number of accepted students will depend on the available seats in the major.

Q. What are the other factors used in ranking the students?
A. The department uses the number and strength of the STEM classes taken as well as the number of attempts. In addition, the total number of units taken, the number of units needed to graduate in the new major and the SJSU Cumulative GPA will be considered.

Q. I have just being admitted as a freshman or as a transfer student to SJSU but in a different major (including undeclared) , can I request a change of major to SE (or CMPE) right away?
A. No, you need to take courses at SJSU that are part of the major for at least one semester.

Q. I am a current SJSU student and I want to change my major to SE (or CMPE) which classes should I take?
A. You need first to complete the required courses listed above. Then in order to improve your chances to get to the major, you should take STEM classes required in the major. But you need to remember that getting to the major is not guaranteed even if you meet the requirements. So you need to explore other majors as well.

Q. Does the department intervine to assist students in enrolling in the classes needed for change of major?
A. Unfortunately no. The department has no control over how other departments manage enrollments in their classes. The only required CMPE course is CMPE 30 which is open to non-major students.

Q. Q. Do I need a study plan to change my major to SE (or CMPE)?
A. No. The department is no longer using study plan for change of major.

Q. One or more of the required classes is full at SJSU, can I take it at a community college?
A. Yes, as long as they are articulated with SJSU and the grades will be posted at mySJSU at the time of the review.

Q. When can I apply for change of major and which documents are needed?
A. The department starts reviewing applications twice a year: June 15 and January 15. The review process is expected to take about two weeks. So applicants need to submit their applications to the department office by these deadlines. The application consists of an unofficial SJSU transcript and the proper change of major form (either fewer than 90 units or 90 or more units).

Q. I am an international student admitted to a different major, how can I change my major to SE (or CMPE)?
A. You still need to take courses at SJSU as described above. We follow the same procedure for all students.


For additional information about changing majors please contact the department undergraduate coordinator.