Embedded and Computer Systems


The embedded and computer systems area provides both practical and theoretical knowledge of embedded and computer systems including technologies that enable sensing, communications, and computing to meet market needs in everyday things. The curriculum covers essential embedded technologies, computer architecture, parallel computing, VLSI design, SoC, FPGAs, GPUs, and directly applies them to practical projects and systems including sensors, controllers, programmable devices, and development tools.

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Rod Fatoohi, Ahmet Bindal, Harry Li, Haluk Ozemek, Kaikai Liu, Haonan Wang


Check University Catalog of Computer Engineering Department.

CMPE 110 - Electronics for Computing Systems

CMPE 120 - Computer Organization and Architecture

CMPE 124 - Digital Design I

CMPE 125 - Digital Design II

CMPE 127 - Microprocessor Design I

CMPE 140 - Computer Architecture and Design

CMPE 146 - Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design

CMPE 181 - Internet of Things Platforms

CMPE 185 - Autonomous Mobile Robots

CMPE 200 - Computer Architecture

CMPE 214 - GPU Architecture and Programming

CMPE 217 - Human Computer Interaction

CMPE 240 - Advanced Computer Design

CMPE 242 - Embedded Hardware Design

CMPE 243 - Embedded Systems Applications

CMPE 246 - Interface Design in Embedded Systems

CMPE 249 - Intelligent Autonomous Systems

CMPE 264 - Advanced Digital and Computing System Design

CMPE 265 - High Speed Digital System Design