Credit Transfer

Credit completed at another university or through SJSU Open University may be applied towards your MS Software Engineering Degree if the following criteria are met:

  • The credit was earned from an accredited university
  • The credit is a graduate class and is not an extension or open university program at another university.
  • The class was not taken while pursuing an undergraduate degree at an institution other than SJSU.
  • The class grade is 'B' or higher. Note that if the class credit is transferred, the grade will not be factored into your SJSU GPA. You will only receive a Credit grade, which is GPA neutral.
  • The class was completed within seven years of your graduation date
  • The credit has not have been used for another degree
  • The class has a topic consistent with topics accepted by the MS Software Engineering program. In general this is any graduate course (numbered 200 or higher) in the Computer Engineering department exclusive of project/thesis classes (CMPE 295A/B, CMPE 299A/B), a writing class (CMPE 294), and Special Topics (CMPE 298) classes. Core computer science classes — for example: algorithms, theory of languages, and theory of computing — are not accepted for transfer credit. In addition, topics outside of software engineering — for example:  bioinformatics, business classes, and physics classes — are not accepted for transfer credit.
  • The class must be at least three semester units or five quarter units to be equivalent to one three unit class at SJSU. Classes in quarter units can be combined to achieve semester units if all classes meet the criteria listed above. For example, two classes that are four quarter units each can be combined for one class equivalent to three semester units.
  • You can transfer a maximum of six (6) semester units. [Effective Fall 2019]
  • The class is only used as elective credit for the MS Software Engineering program and must not significantly overlap degree core and specialization class topics

Transfer Procedure

Transfer credit approval requires an evaluation by your academic advisor to determine if credit can be transferred. After the third week of the semester, submit the Request for Validation of Transfer Credit form found at GAPE Forms page to your academic advisor. With your request, also provide a syllabus for the course from your prior institution and an official transcript that includes the letter grade for the class being transferred.

Transfer credit will not be evaluated following new admission and prior to the third week of the admission semester.