BS in Computer Engineering Technical Electives

Department approved Technical Elective Courses:

Course No Course Title
CMPE 132 Information Security
CMPE 133 Software Engineering II
CMPE 135 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CMPE 137 Wireless Mobile Software Engineering
CMPE 138 Database Systems I
CMPE 139 Fundamentals of Data Mining
CMPE 143 Microcomputer Design
CMPE 146 (Catalog prior to FALL 2012) Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design
CMPE 147 Fundamentals of System on Chip (SoC) Design
CMPE 149 Computer Networks II
CMPE 150

System ARchitecture and Electronic Design for


CMPE 163 Computer Graphics Program Design
CMPE 164 Wireless Networks Architecture
CMPE 165 Software Engineering Process Management
CMPE 172 Enterprise Software Platforms
CMPE 180-02 Individual Studies
CMPE 181 Internet of Things Platforms
CMPE 182 Internet of Things Security
CMPE 183 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
CMPE 185 Autonomous Mobile Robots
CMPE 187 Software Quality Engineering
CMPE 188 Machine Learning for Big Data
CMPE 189 Special Topics in Computer Engineering
CS 151 Object-Oriented Design
CS 157B Database Management Systems II
ENGR 160SL (1 Unit,no longer offered) Engineering Projects in Community Service UD
CS/SE 166 Information Security
EE 101 (1 Unit,no longer offered) Circuits Concepts and Problem Solving