Faculty Directory


Faculty/Directory  Contact Information Research Interests
rod Rod Fatoohi
Professor, Chair
Computer networking,
parallel computing
Magda Magdalini Eirinaki
Recommender systems,
machine learning/data mining, social network analysis,
social recommender systems, deep recommender systems,
data analytics/mining applications.
Mohamed Fayad Mohamed Fayad
(408) 924-7364
ENG 283I
Jerry Gao Jerry Gao
(408) 924-3904
ENG 267B
Cloud computing, smart city and big data computing,
TaaS, software engineering, test automation, mobile computing and cloud services.
Harry Li Harry Li
Embedded Systems, Multimedia Computing,
VLSI Design, Wireless Communications, Computer Vision and
Computer Graphics, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Fuzzy Control.
Haluk Ozemek Haluk Ozemek
(408) 924-3877
ENG 271
Embedded Systems in Cardiovascular systems.
Weider Yu Weider Yu
(408) 924-7365
ENG 283G
Distributed Software,
Big Data and Mobile engineering, systems and development,
tools and processes, distributed open software design technologies. Quality.
Kaikai Liu Kaikai Liu
Associate Professor
Mobile and Cyber-Physical Systems,
Internet-of-Things, Smart Sensing, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems.
Younghee Park Younghee Park
Associate Professor
Cybersecurity, IoT security,
SDN/NFV, Blockchain, AI security, Biometric Security, Malware Detection.
Wencen Wu Wencen Wu
Associate Professor
Robotics, systems and control,
machine learning, and distributed parameter systems as applied to
cyber-physical systems and autonomous multi-robot systems.
Portrait of Bernardo Flores Bernardo Flores
Assistant Professor
IoT, Cross-Layer (Cyber) Security, Mobile Threat Modelling, IAM & Federation, Applied Machine Learning.
Gheorghi Guzun Gheorghi Guzun
Assistant Professor
Data management algorithms and
systems that accelerate big data analytics through scalable indexing;
ata compression; Machine learning algorithms.
jorjeta Jorjeta Jetcheva
Assistant Professor
ENG 283H
Artificial Intelligence-based Personal Assistants, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Management.
  Jun Liu
Assistant Professor
AI and robotics, multi-agent systems, decision-making, dynamic networks.
Portrait of Ben Reed Ben Reed
Assistant Professor
Operating Systems, Networking, Distributed Systems, and Internet Services for Disconnnected Regions.
Carlos Rojas Carlos Rojas
Assistant Professor
(408) 924-4131
ENG 275
Gokay Saldamli Gokay Saldamli
Assistant Professor
Blockchain, Post-Quantum Cryptography, Deep Learning,
IoT security and Cybersecurity.
Mahima Agumbe Mahima Agumbe Suresh
Assistant Professor
ENG 279
Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things,
nd Data Analytics for Smart City Applications.
Augmented Reality for Safety and Education.
Stas Stas Tiomkin
Assistant Professor
ENG 273
Artificial intelligence and life, reinforcement learning, human-machine collaboration, information processing in dynamical control systems, intrinsic motivation and unsupervised learning, robotics, structured deep learning, geometric control, and information theory.
Haonan Haonan Wang
Assistant Professor
ENG 265