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Nearly $7 Million Dollars in Federal Funding Awarded to SJSU Researchers for STEM Education & Scientific Research

Aug 28, 2023

Projects such as: $2.5 Million from the NSF to support the attraction, retention, and graduation of low-income, academically talented, undergraduate students in STEM fields at San José State, overseen by Jorjeta Jetcheva, assistant professor of computer engineering, and more have been awarded to SJSU researchers and their continued success!

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April 19, 2024 3-5 pm

The Department of Computer Engineering regularly organizes monthly social networking gatherings aimed at fostering successful career development. These events feature engaging panel discussions and informative technical talks. Our objectives for these gatherings are outlined as follows:                                  - Foster connections between faculty research endeavors and current students.                                                  - Facilitate the sharing of valuable career insights and experiences.            - Provide opportunities for career advancement through mentorship.          - Disseminate pertinent industry information and other relevant updates.  - Strengthen connections among students, faculty, and alumni, tripling the potential for valuable networking opportunities.

Alumni Recruitment

We want to invite our alumni who have graduated from CMPE, SE, or AI and have accumulated more than three years of industry experience. Please provide your time for our students. Please complete the form to serve as a panel speaker, thus facilitating connections between alumni and current students.

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We encourage you to join the event to connect with our alumni and gain insight into their professional skills.

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