Global Opportunities

The Lucas College of Business links cutting edge business education with award winning international programs, preeminent global companies, and student organizations focused on global business to provide students with extensive opportunities.

In addition to faculty members providing a global perspective in a wide range of business concentrations, students have many options for developing their cross-cultural skillsets and global networks.  Numerous programs, classes and organizations at the Lucas College and the rest of SJSU help students enhance their global education and leverage connections with professionals in globally focused organizations.

We offer a variety of classes throughout our academic programs that incorporate the global business lens into the curriculum. Students can explore business topics such as economics, finance, marketing, human resource management, leadership, operations and supply chain management from a global perspective.

Student organizations with an emphasis on international perspectives provide additional opportunities for students to focus on international business, cultivate global leadership skills and participate in internships abroad. These student organizations emphasize bringing global internship opportunities and cross-cultural collaboration to students as a core purpose.

We present a wide selection of globally oriented programs structured to empower global citizenship through international work with established companies, global dialogue, and travel. Our programs provide opportunities for students to network with international business professionals, participate in international internships, attend dedicated lectures on global leadership and create a personal development plan to realize their global business aspirations.