Research Seminar Series

Research Seminar Series offer an opportunity for SJSU students, faculty and invited guests to enjoy academic research presentations by scholars in their areas of expertise.

Fall 2023

August 31
Jung Sook You, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CSU East Bay
12:00p.m. – 1:30p.m.  |  SJSU, CCB 100  |  In-person  |  Free  |  flyer [pdf]
Intergenerational Democracy for Sustainable Resource Allocation
Abstract: I extend the intergenerational good game framework for understanding possible intergenerational cooperation among overlapping generations. Designing online laboratory experiments, I explore four different institution setups. Different institutional rules and voter composition from different generations lead individuals to conserve resources, leaving enough to provide for the next generation. These questions are two-folds: (1) whether a democratic decision-making system promotes sustainable resource allocations over multiple generations (2) whether a representation of the future generations in the group decision-making system promotes sustainable resource allocations. Different age or generation groups have voting rights in the current issues. Young voters have a stake in the future resource availability while they can participate in the legislation in the current time. Therefore, understanding the impact of overlapping generations on group decision-making outcomes is important for policy design.