Departmental Honors

Undergraduate students who meet the requirements for Economics Department Honors are recognized by the University with an indication of “Honors” on both the student’s transcript and diploma. In addition, you will receive an honors cord to wear with your graduation regalia, we will also mail you a certificate.

Fall 2023 Honorees


Kyle C. Barnes
Jason Chan
Michelle Dao
John D. Dawson
Collin M. Hallas
Rikki E. Navos
Joseph M. Radich
Jiayu Zeng


To Apply

Undergraduate students who meet the departmental honors standards are also eligible to join the International Economics Honors Society of Omicron Delta Epsilon - Zeta of CA Chapter. For more information, please see  Omnicron's Membership Process. At this time, the Economics Department does not pay any Omnicron student membership fees.

President's and Dean's Scholars

SJSU offers a number of honors designations, honors such as “cum laude” are automatically awarded to all SJSU students who graduate with a particular GPA (3.5, 3.7, or 3.85). Students may find themselves automatically enrolled on the List of Dean’s or President’s Scholars if they maintain a high GPA for a certain number of semesters. Visit the Office of the Provost website for more information.