Student Travel

Economics Student Travel Policy

The Economics Department is dedicated to providing support to students seeking to expand their academic experience by attending professional and academic conferences in related fields.

The department has limited funds available, we ask that students complete an application BEFORE their trip in order to be considered for funding. If you are a currently enrolled student in the department, you may apply for support by sending an email to the department chair with the following information:

  • What funding have you already applied for elsewhere? 
  • What is your role at the conference?
  • What is the significance of this conference to your professional life?
  • The student must have a budget showing how the funds will be used. 
  • The student must have a faculty sponsor. 

The level of funding is dependent upon the number of funding requests as well as the status of the department budget. Funding is NOT guaranteed. If funding is offered, the funding will be an amount up to which the student may be reimbursed for actual and reasonable expenses. Should the student have questions about what constitutes a reasonable expense, the department highly recommends a discussion with the Department Chair or Faculty Sponsor prior to incurring any expenses. Questions about reimbursement procedures should be directed to department analyst staff.

For the complete Economics Student Travel Policy and Student Travel Approval Form, please go to the Forms page.