IEE Intersectional Disability Studies Strand

Institute for Emancipatory Education

The Intersectional Disability Studies Strand (IDSS), under the SJSU Lurie College of Education's Institute for Emancipatory Education (IEE), serves as a community-engaged, culturally sustaining space that centers disability visibility and disability as an intersectional identity. Our strand provides specific resources and support to engage intersectional disability studies and accessibility in education.

Intersectional Disability Studies Speaker Series

Learn from Lydia X.Z. Brown, advocate, organizer, attorney, strategist, and writer whose work focuses on interpersonal and state violence against disabled people. Connect with Lydia on Twitter @autistichoya.

Alice Wong

We were thrilled to host Alice Wong, disabled activist, writer, editor, media maker, consultant, and founder and director of the Disability Visibility Project. Connect with Alice on Twitter @SFdirewolf.

ASL interpreters and live captioning will be provided. If you are in need of additional accommodations, email

Learn from 12-year old Helena Lourdes Donato-Sapp, self declared "Black Girl Scholar", who uses her art and voice for social, economic, and environmental justice! Learn more about Helena Lourdes Donato-Sapp on her website

Project Leaders

Saili Kulknarni

Dr. Saili S. Kulkarni is an associate professor at the SJSU Lurie College of Education. Her research highlights the intersections of disability and race in teacher education. She uses DisCrit (Disability Studies Critical Race Theory) to understand how teachers, particularly special education teachers of color, enact resistance in schools. Dr. Kulkarni also examines restorative and humanizing practices for young children of color with disabilities.

Sudha Krishnan

Dr. Sudha Krishnan is an assistant professor at the SJSU Lurie College of Education. Sudha’s research is focused on how literacy practices using pedagogies based on socio-cultural theory like multiliteracies provide challenging and empowering education for students with disabilities. She is interested in interrogating the deficit thinking surrounding students with disabilities and promoting anti-deficit pedagogies in the classroom. She is examining the use of constructivism in special education and teacher perceptions of ability in students with extensive support needs. Sudha is keen to forward the equity and justice orientation of the College of Education and a meaningful start has been her involvement with the disability studies strand in the Institute of Emancipatory Education.

Project Team Members



Foundational Resources





IDSS Foundational Activities

  • Building an intersectional disability studies minor
    • EDLD 101 Transformative Leadership Minor Syllabus
  • Disability Visibility Lurie College Faculty Book Club
  • Self-Study of Multiple Stakeholders Building an Intersectional Disability Studies Syllabus
  • Speaker Series