All equipment in the Makerspace has been donated out of the generosity of people who support the SJSU engineering community. To show the college’s gratitude towards their donations, the Makerspace is requiring ALL students and faculty who wish to use the Makerspace be certified on each piece of equipment.

Below is an overview of the Makerspace, how to get access to the equipment, how to become more involved.  If you have any questions, please post them to the discussion board of canvas. If you need access to the canvas page, contact one of the student assistants to get on it.Once you are on canvas, go to the Modules sections to gain access to quizzes.

Access to Equipment

Upon completion of the general information module, a Makerspace assistant will print out a name tag and add a "GEN" sticker once the General Safety Quiz is complete. This will allow you access to use the Makerspace during the working hours mentioned on the home page.  Students must wear their nametag in the Makerspace.

Additionally, the other modules with videos and quizzes will open.  Students will be required to watch the videos, and take a safety quiz.  For the soldering, 3D printing and welding, students will take training from a student equipment specialist.  If the student is already proficient, they will just need to demonstrate their skill level to the student equipment specialist.  


The nametags are part of the safety protocol of the Makerspace.  Each name tag has the student’s name, and the clearly identify what equipment they have been trained to use. Below are the important features of the name tag

  • Color: students name tags are white, Makerspace assistants & Student Equipment specialists are blue, Makerspace Volunteers are orange
  • Stickers:  the stickers clearly identify which equipment the student has been trained to use. 
  • Name tag storage:  The nametags should stay in the makerspace.  There is a place to hang the name tag in the back right corner of the room.
  • Note: If you are found using a nametag that is allowing another student your name tag, you will lose the privilege to access the space. If you are using a nametag that is not yours, you will loose access to the Makerspace.  If the process is caused


The makerspace has tools and equipment for students to use for their projects. 

  • If you do not know where to start on a project, it is a good idea to talk to a Makerspace Collaborator.  This student can help you think through ideas and possibly point you to another person to talk to if they do not know. You can get an idea of what tools are available and would be good for your project.t.
  • For the larger equipment, the makerspace has: Soldering, Welding, Waterjet and 3d printing.  All this equipment is set up for you to learn. Each equipment has a specific module, and will assist you through the steps you need to learn equipment. 
  • In addition, next to the makerspace is the college of engineering central shop.  The central shop has a lot of equipment students can use, with the guidance and support of the technicians. We will not list off the equipment here, but students can contact a makerspace assistant.  You will learn more about the central shop below. 

Note to EPICS students: before you purchase any items for your project, make sure it is not in the general tools.

First Aid kit/Medical

If there is a medical emergency, please call 911 and get a makerspace assistant, the director and/or a central shop technician. 

If there are minor cuts, you can get band-aids and other items in the first aid kit located next to the Makerbot.   

Makerspace Assistance

Makerspace assistance are employed by the makerspace and are here you on your projects and answer questions that you may have. They are also responsible to oversee the opening, closing and making sure that students are following the safety guidelines. 

The Makerspace Assistance, or Director, will oversee the opening and closing of the makerspace and track the inventory.

Student Equipment Specialists  

Some have specific knowledge on equipment and can answer questions and provide training. They can oversee the space, if there is at least two students present, and or authorized to enforce safety protocol. 

Makerspace Collaborators

These are students who have been engaged in the Makerspace, can brainstorm project ideas. They can oversee the space, if there is at least two students present, and or authorized to enforce safety protocol. 

How to get more involved 

If you want to become Makerspace Collaborator or Equipment Specialist, you must completed the general safety 2, and talk with the Makerspace director.  You will be expected to have certain set hours of being in the Makerspace and enforce the safety rules.  This will allow your team to have increased use of the space, since the Makerspace can be opened more hours.

Machine shop

The engineering machine shop is adjacent to the makerspace in rooms.  The purpose of the machine shop is for faculty students and to order parts directly.  In the makerspace, students can learn to use machinery and make parts themselves.  If your project requires limited specialized part, and it does not make sense for you to learn the machine to build it yourself, you can order it from the machine shop

Additionally, there is equipment that the Machine shop has let the Makerspace use (and visa versa).  If there is equipment you want to learn for your part, reach out to machine shop technicians to see if they have time to teach you. 

Machine Shop Technicians 

There are a number of machine shop technicians who have been incredibly helpful in additional training and providing assistance to student projects.  If you are in need of tools that are not in our makerspace, it is likely that they have access to it and can help you learn how to use it.  Some things include:  drill press, wood cutting tools, and sheet metal bender. Two in particular who have offered to support projects are:

These technicians will be able to provide assistance depending on their availability.  They will likely have more time towards the beginning of the semester compared to the end.  If your project requires electricity, you need to have it examined by a technician before you plug it in. 

Project Storage

Each EPICS team will initially be given a space in a locker.  If there are additional lockers, other teams can use them.  If your team needs more space, based on availability, you will be given a storage container.  We are currently looking into getting additional storage, and may update

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions about the space, please put it in the discussion forum, and we will do our best to answer the questions.