Calvin Stevens Endowment

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The Stevens Fund reaches endowment level!

Photo of Cal and FrancesThe Calvin Stevens fund has reached the $50,000 needed for it to become endowed! The department thanks more than 25 alumni donors to the fund, and along with Cal we are delighted that financial support will be given to undergraduates and graduates conducting field work (e.g., field camp and research) in California and Nevada. This support will enable more students to fulfill their dreams of becoming geologists. We also thank Cal for inspiring legions of students for over four decades and for his encouragement and mentorship of his colleagues.

We hope that this fund will continue to grow through future donations.

About Cal Stevens:

  • He taught for 43 years at SJSU from 1963-2005 with one year at the University of Colorado.
  • He has published 134 scientific articles (many of them co-authored) as well as many abstracts. Cal is currently working on a pre-publication article about the Evolution of the Last Chance Thrust Fault Concept.
  • Cal has written 3 novels.
  • He grew up in a family associated with a ranch, although he was allergic to horses and cattle. So, while other family members rode horseback, he hiked in the hills where he collected fossils, sparking his interest in geology and specifically paleontology.
  • He is a great fan of classical music, especially from the Romantic Period

Awards and Honors:

  • Dean of Science Award for Outstanding Research
  • Elected to California Academy of Science
  • Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America
  • Honored as an Outstanding Inspirational Teacher in the SJSU Alumni Association's Spring 2010 newsletter