June Oberdorfer

June Oberdorfer

Professor Emeritus: Hydrogeology

Phone: (408) 924-5026
Office: DH 307

E-mail: june.oberdorfer@sjsu.edu

  • Dr. Oberdorfer completed the faculty early retirement program in Fall 2020 and no longer accepts graduate students.



  • Ph.D. 1983, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa


  • Professional Geologist
  • State of California, 1994
  • Certified Hydrogeologist
  • State of California, 1994

Research Interests

  • Specialties are in hydrogeology with particular interest in field studies of contaminant transport, vadose zone flow, and atoll island hydrogeology.

Recent Classes

  • Geology and the Environment (GEO 111)
  • Hydrogeology (GEO 138)
  • Hazardous Materials (GEO 174)
  • Advanced Hydrogeology (GEO 238)

Recent Activity (2011-2016)


  • Povinec, P.P., Burnett, W.C., Beck, A., Bokuniewicz, H., Charette, M., Gonneca, M.E., Groening, M., Ishitobi, T., Kontar, E., Liong Wee Kwong, L., Marie, D.E.P., Moore, W.S., Oberdorfer, J.A., Peterson, R., Ramessur, R., Rapaglia, J., Stieglitz, T., and Top, Z., 2012, Isotopic, geophysical and biogeochemical investigation of submarine groundwater discharge: IAEA-UNESCO intercomparison exercise at Mauritius Island: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, v. 104, p. 24-45.


  • Oberdorfer, J.A., Provide investigational approach for study of impact to groundwater from phosphate mining activities, AECOM, Sacramento, California.
  • Oberdorfer, J.A., Advise on remedial approach to groundwater contamination at two bulk fuel plant sites, Arcadis, Seattle, Washington.
  • Oberdorfer, J.A., Peer evaluation of aquifer testing and remedial approach at a fuel leak site, Cornerstone, San Jose, California.
  • Oberdorfer, J.A., January – August 2013, Provide hydrogeologic interpretation of phosphate mine impacts to groundwater in southeastern Idaho, AECOM, Sacramento, CA.
  • Oberdorfer, J.A., June – August 2013, Numerical simulation of Facebook expansion site in Redwood City, CA, Cornerstone Environmental, Mountain View, CA.

Technical Services

  • Oberdorfer, J.A., 2015, Consulting with AECOM on groundwater impact from phosphate mining
  • Oberdorfer, J.A., 2015 – present, Technical Advisory Committee for the Geology and Geophysics registration, California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists

Reviewing and Editorial Service

  • Applied Geochemistry

Other Professional Service

  • Oberdorfer, J.A., 2006 to June 2013, Expert Witness for the U.S. Department of Justice in the Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases.