Darwin Summer Camp Scholarship Award Endowment


Through the generous support of Tom Bell and Amy Glasmeier, a scholarship was established to support students attending San José State State University’s summer field camp. The award was established in part to repay the scholarship support that Tom received to attend the summer camp while an SJSU student, and to reflect Tom and Amy’s recognition of the importance of field camp in a geologist’s professional career.


Name Year
Brandon Boulais 2022
Brent Lee 2022
Kaitlyn Dent 2021
Jessica Aguayo 2018
Henry Wempe 2017
David Prak 2016
Gregory Armstrong 2016
Cody Sanford 2014
Charles Moore 2013
Alan Kuoch 2011
Kelly Dustin 2010
Ashley Van Dyne 2008
Amy Vandiver 2006
Niki Winters 2006
Deborah Bazar 2005
Zachary Michels 2005
Mark Swank 2003
Michelle Dodge 2002