Norman H. Dolloff Scholarship


Photograph of Normon Dolloff


Phyllis B. Dolloff and her son, David Dolloff, established this fund in memory of her late husband and his father, Norman H. Dolloff, who was a professor in the Geology Department at San José State University from 1946 until he officially retired in 1973. During that time he contributed outstanding leadership as the department chair. Friends, relatives, and former colleagues of Dr. Dolloff contributed to the initial fund and have helped to maintain it.

The purpose of the fund is to provide a scholarship to one or more deserving geology majors at San José State University. The student may either be an undergraduate or graduate student who, in the judgment of the faculty committee choosing the recipient, is likely to complete a B.A., B.S., or M.S. in Geology at the University with some degree of distinction.


Name Year
Clarissa Smith 2022
Nicholas Riqueros 2022
Gabriela Diaz-Santana 2021
Alianora Walker 2019
John Lee 2019
Jesse Waco 2018
Colin Phillips 2017
Marienel Basiga 2016
Paula Zimmer 2014
Anne Jurek 2013
John Watson 2010
Brian Hanna 2009
Heather Gornitzka 2008
Nick Nelson 2008
Morgan Mendoza 2007
Sean Gehlke 2004
Molly Means 2003
Alyx Brun 2002
Antony Schuetze 2001
Chanice Hamilton 2000
Ryan Haughty 1999
Kerril Lewis 1997
Angus Lewis 1996
Christie Tarrant 1995
Frank Chuang 1994
Ching-Yen Chen 1993
Robert Sickler 1992
Julie Sheve 1991
Martha Shackman 1990
Stan Soles 1989
Brian Redding 1988
Mark DeWit 1987
Brian Hecker 1986
Christian Peterson 1985