Concurrent Enrollment

To maintain full-time status, F-1 students can enroll at another institution concurrently*. Per F-1 regulations, a full-time course load is a minimum of 12 units total for undergraduate students, and a minimum of 9 units total for graduate students. Of this minimum, ONLY one course (3-4 units) of online coursework** may be counted towards the full-time enrollment per immigration regulations. You MUST be enrolled in at least 6 units at SJSU.

  • You will need to fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Request form and submit it to the ISSS office along with proof of your enrollment at the other school.
    • For the fall semester, we start accepting these requests in iSpartan on July 15th.
    • For the spring semester, we start accepting these requests in iSpartan on November 15th.
    • Proof of enrollment can be a screenshot of your course schedule that includes your name, institution name, term of registration, units, in person or online course, the duration of the course(s), and the course title.
  • The course(s) you will be concurrently enrolled in must be at least 6 weeks in duration.
  • If the course you take at another institution is an online course, then your courses at SJSU will need to be in-person courses.**
  • You must be able to enroll at the other college before the ‘last date to add’ classes for the semester at SJSU.
  • You must submit an unofficial transcript to ISSS upon the completion of the course(s).

*If you need a Community College Letter, please contact us by emailing

** Only one course per your full-time enrollment can be online.

Additional Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment

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