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  • What if I receive an e-form request that is not for me or I am not eligible to review?
    Sometimes international students are not aware of the appropriate advisor in each department to put on the e-form.  If you believe you are not the appropriate person or an e-form has been sent to you in error, please either forward the email to the appropriate person OR ask the student to cancel the e-form and submit a new form with the appropriate advisor’s contact information. 
  • If I forward the e-form request to another advisor, how does he/she log in to review it?
    Forward the message to the new advisor.  The new advisor should click on the link embedded in the e-form message. The login ID and password information is prefilled by the iSpartan system tied to the first advisor. It is important for the new advisor to provide his/her own contact information and details in the ‘Department Advisor Certification’ section before approving the request. 
  • What if I did not receive an e-form request to review but I should have?
    Please search for the e-form submission in your SJSU inbox or spam folder using the student’s name. Please DO NOT search by the student’s SJSU ID or email. The link in the eform does not expire.
  • What if I am uncomfortable with answering or do not understand the information listed in the e-form?
    The information presented in an e-form is a duplicate of the previous paper form version. If you have concerns or questions about the information being requested of you, please contact us at
  • What if the student has not discussed his/her request with me?
    You will be able to review the information provided by the student by clicking the link at the top of the e-form. Contact the student if you need additional information. If you are not the appropriate person or the e-form has been sent to you in error, please ask the student to cancel this e-form and submit a new one. You may also forward the e-form request to the appropriate person. 
  • What happens after I have reviewed and approved the e-form?
    After you click the submit button, the student will receive an email from the iSpartan system indicating his/her request has been reviewed by you. The system then forwards the request to ISSS for a Designated School Official (DSO) to do a final review and to process the request. The DSO will follow-up with you or most likely the student if additional information is required. 
  • What if I want to make a change to a form answer(s) after I have submitted my response?
    Your submission allows the iSpartan system to forward the student’s request to a DSO for further processing. Please notify ISSS as soon as possible if you want to change the given information. ISSS is able to delay processing of certain requests if new information or additional information has been provided.  After a request has been processed, ISSS will need time to correct or modify the F-1 or J-1 student’s record, if necessary.

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