Tom Rouse

Tom RouseAdjunct Professor


  • Founder of the ARLISS rocket program with Professor Bob Twiggs of Stanford. The ARLISS program was the foundation for the CUBESAT program that now has international participation.

  •  Served on the Tripoli Rocketry Association Board of Directors, and is now a member on the Tripoli’s Class Three Rocket Review panel, that reviews all rockets that are being launched in the US. This applies to any rocket being proposed to launch to high altitudes, or rockets containing more that 40,000 Ns of impulse.

  • Altitude record was 90,200 feet, Mach 3.2 with a rocket I built out of carbon fiber and motors.  I have in depth experience in solid rocket motor formulations, mixing, characterization and testing.Email:

Classes Taught

  • AE 166