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The CSU Grad Slam

San José State University hosted the inaugural CSU Grad Slam in 2021. Each year, the CSU Grad Slam will be hosted by different campuses across the state. This year on May 5th, CSU San Diego had the honor to host this competition! Each campus will send the top winners from their local competitions to the CSU competition, where they will present their work for a chance to win one of three possible prizes. With 19 campuses represented from the CSU system, it will be an exciting event!

CSU Grad Slam 2023 First Place Winner

jaedyn smiling

First Place Winner, Jaedyn L. Rollins!

We’re excited to announce that Jaedyn L. Rollins is the first place winner in the CSU Grad Slam! Congratulations! Her powerful and innovative presentation connected with the judges and viewers.

Jaedyn and Hoang smiling

2023 SJSU and Grad Slam Finalists!

SJSU Grad Slam 2023 winners Jaedyn L. Rollins (Biological Sciences, Systems Physiology, M.S.) and Hoang-Vi Vu  (Biological Sciences, M.S.) moved on to the CSU Grad Slam in San Diego.

Kate Forrest and Nate Pergamit

2022 SJSU and CSU Grad Slam Finalists!

SJSU Grad Slam 2022 winners Kate Forrest (Meteorology, MS) and Nathaniel Pergamit (Music, MM) moved on to the CSU Grad Slam in Bakersfield.

CSU Grad Slam 2021 Winners

Julianne Bradbury headshot

Julianne Bradbury, Sonoma State University

First Place Winner

Nicole Roberts headshot

Nicole Roberts, CSU Dominguez Hills

Second Place Winner

Lupe Franco headshot

Lupe Franco, San Jose State University

People's Choice Award Winner

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