Why Participate in the SJSU Grad Slam?

Hone Your Research Communication Skills

Lupe Franco headshot

Lupe Franco, '21 MS Environmental Studies

"The knowledge and skill set I developed leading up to the Grad Slam have helped me both academically and professionally. I knew that I wanted to improve and strengthen my public speaking ability, and this opportunity allowed me to not only attain this goal, but it allowed me to feel more confident about my ability to effectively communicate my research to various audiences."

Jai Araujo headshot

Jai Araujo, MS Nutritional Science (Packaging)

"I’ve always been super shy and scared of public speaking. [Grad Slam] was super challenging for me and an opportunity to grow as a person."

Holt Hanley headshot

Holt Hanley, '21 MS Meteorology

"I decided to participate in the Grad Slam because I knew it would be a great way to practice my communication skills. Becoming a better speaker is one of my top goals, and I figured this competition would help me get closer to that goal. Developing the ability to communicate will help you in almost every aspect of your life. You will learn valuable skills that you will be able to apply beyond the Grad Slam. If you don't think you have the time, just do what I do when I think I am too busy... check my screentime report."

Prepare for a Successful Career

"Grad Slam gives you the opportunity to show off your work to a wider audience beyond your department. The skills, knowledge, and publicity is something that you can share in your professional portfolios and extend your connections." -Lupe Franco

"Grad Slam has already benefited me professionally. At the same time I was practicing for Grad Slam, I was training at KSBW to be the fill in weatherman. The skills I developed preparing for Grad Slam directly translated to my work in the news and gave me increased confidence during my first ever live TV weather forecast." -Holt Hanley

Earn Cash Prizes

The first place winner receives $1,200. The second place winner receives $800. The People’s Choice award winner receives $500.