Tips for a Successful Application

Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Fellowship Program Committee. Applicants will be scored according to their documented potential for successful completion of their master’s degree programs; financial need per Student Aid Report (SAR); and quality of the personal statement.

In addition to meeting the general eligibility requirements, a strong application will present:

  • A record of strong academic performance.
  • Experience conducting research, scholarship and/or teaching. It is suggested that these activities be supported by their outcomes ("I did this, and it resulted in that.")
  • Strong letters of recommendation.
  • A personal statement with a clear, persuasive narrative highlighting your strengths and ability to perform at a high level of academic excellence. It informs reviewers of who you are and how you engage with and meet your academic, personal and career goals. The personal statement is your opportunity to explain challenges you have faced and overcome; what motivates your interest in graduate study and determination to succeed in it; and the abilities, skills and experience you possess that enhance your chances of success. Given the purpose of the Graduate Equity Fellowship, use your personal statement to highlight how and why you are a strong candidate to receive this fellowship.
  • Quality of written materials. You may ask your faculty recommenders to proofread your personal statement. Content, grammar, and writing quality, will be considered as part of the evaluation process.