Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate

The College of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer an Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate and an Interdisciplinary Studies MA/MS degree. Both programs provide a high degree of flexibility for students to explore their own academic program interests to meet their professional goals.

Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate (9-12 units):
Some college graduates with a bachelor’s degree wish to continue their education and attain advanced-level proficiency in skills that are valuable for a wide array of careers (such as oral communication, writing, leadership, research methods, etc.) but are not yet willing to commit to enrolling in a full master’s degree program. The Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate program allows postgraduate students to pursue interests in interdisciplinary study and earn an advanced certificate by enrolling in graduate or upper-division courses in writing, oral communication and data analysis across a wide array of academic discipline choices. Development of these skills are important in strengthening personal and professional relationships, enhance teamwork, and assist in job performance and advancement. Additionally, this program provides the student time to carefully consider pursuing either an MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies degree or any other SJSU graduate degree program by allowing time to meet with potential advisors and develop a research project or thesis during their first academic semester and explore various academic avenues through a customized course of study. Finally, units earned for the certificate program may be fully applicable to the degree requirements of the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s or other master’s program for students who may wish to continue along that path (see figure below). 

Diagram of advanced communication and research methods certification

This certificate may appeal to a range of students including adult learners in the workforce, student athletes with remaining athletic eligibility after completing their undergraduate degree, and recent graduates who want to explore graduate education or expand their skill set before committing to a graduate degree program or entering the workforce. This certificate can be completed in one semester, and students who wish to continue towards completion of either the Interdisciplinary Studies SJSU master’s degree or other graduate degree should transfer into the program before their second semester. 

To be eligible for the Advanced Communication(s) and Research Certificate, applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university and be eligible for admission to an SJSU graduate program (i.e. have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA or a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 semester units attempted). Please note that: 1) international students are not eligible for this certificate and 2) this certificate program is not eligible for federal or state funding. All certificate candidates must seek admission through our Cal State Apply portal and seek advice from the Interdisciplinary Program Advisor, Dr. Ted Butryn.