Why Join Us

If you aspire to work in one of the top high-tech companies in the Valley, here are why you want to join the department.

  • SJSU provides more workforce to Silicon Valley companies than any other university (#1 at Cisco, #1 at Apple).
  • Thousands of high-tech companies are headquartered within 40km of SJSU campus.
  • SJSU Computer Engineering is a top-ranked program among public institutions offering BS and MS degrees, by US News and World Report. (ranked #1 in 2014).
  • From LinkedIn university rankings, SJSU Software Engineering is among the top 25 programs in the nation, ranked based on how successful recent graduates are able to land desirable jobs.
  • The department provides hands-on learning experience in cutting edge areas for computer and software engineering.
  • The department faculty is a unique mix of academic professionals and adjunct faculty who are Silicon Valley professionals.
  • The computer engineering and software engineering programs prepare you for a professional career at companies from small startups to multinational corporations.
  • Classes are constantly being added in emerging technologies such as big data, mobile devices and applications, Internet of Things, data analytics, and more.
  • The learning experience goes far beyond the classroom with many opportunities for internships in Silicon Valley.
  • You will join a rich network of alumni and working professionals in Silicon Valley and beyond.