2024 Spring Project Expo

Project Expo

Welcome to the Computer Engineering department Project Expo for Spring 2024. You can find project lists for senior and masters projects in the tables below. The tables have links to view the project abstract, the poster for the project, an elevator pitch video (1.5 minutes), or a longer video (up to 5 minutes). You can also attend the in-person project expo to be held on May 17th, 2024 5:00 - 7:30PM at the Student Union Ballroom, SJSU and discuss the project with the teams.

The Project Expo Ballroom Map is provided below. Enjoy!

Spring 2024 Project Expo Ballroom Layout

Project Expo Event Photo

Event Group Photo

(Photo courtesy Arman Sadeghi, BSCMPE, Instagram @armanjsadegh)


Project Teams

Click the link below to view the Senior and Masters Projects that will be presenting at the Spring 2024 Project Exposition. There are graduate development and research projects, graduate projects from MS Software Engineering special session cohorts, and undergraduate senior projects. Graduate projects consist of students majoring in MS Artificial Intelligence, MS Computer Engineering, and MS Software Engineering. Undergraduate projects consist of students majoring in BS Computer Engineering and BS Software Engineering.

Each project listed at the link below has the faculty project advisor, the list of students for the project, the major for each of the project students, the project number (Proj#), the project title, and links to project artifacts such as abstract, poster, and videos that you can preview prior to the expo. The Proj# can be found on the expo map to determine the location of each project in the Student Union Ballroom. A group photo for all projects and project team photos will be available after the expo.

List of Projects for Spring 2024