NSF Cyber Training Grant

Center for Organizational Resilience Faculty Win NSF CyberTraining Grant to Develop Introductory  Data Science for All Seminars  to SJSU and Santa Clara County CC students!


Award Faculty:

Leslie Albert leslie.albert@sjsu.edu (PI) 

Esperanza Huerta (Co-PI)

Scott Jensen (Co-PI)

Award Number:  1829622

Award Date:  July 1, 2018

Award Funding:  $410,060.00

Brief Abstract:  Most efforts to address the need for greater data science capability in the Nation’s research enterprise focus on post-baccalaureate programs – a time-intensive and costly approach. However, 80% of a data scientist’s workload is gathering, wrangling, and cleansing data; work that could be shifted to less-skilled data analysts from a range of disciplines. Unfortunately, few community colleges (CC) or undergraduate (UG) programs provide training in cyberinfrastructure (CI) tools and techniques to a broad population of students. The novel approach taken in this project is to create a supporting data analyst workforce and introduce students to data-driven science through extracurricular “Data Science for All” seminars. These seminars require no prior data science knowledge, emphasize transferable skills, and present a feasible path into data science for students from underrepresented groups