Student Assessment

It is important  that course assignments and activities are clearly aligned with the course’s student learning objectives, and that student learning outcomes are measurable. It is helpful to use multiple assessment strategies to measure content knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Exams and other student assignments should be appropriate and sufficiently demanding.

Canvas (Instructure)
Canvas is our online Learning Management System (LMS). It provides various ways to assess student learning outcomes. Those tools include Canvas Assignments, Canvas Grades, Canvas Quizzes, Canvas Rubrics, and Canvas SpeedGrader.


  • Canvas Assignments
    The Canvas Assignments feature creates a secure location for the submission of students’ files, and organizes those files for retrieval through the instructor’s SpeedGrader. The Canvas Assignments feature adds “plagiarism detection” via Turnitin to the process.

  • Canvas Grades
    The Canvas Grade function is an online grading tool that enables instructors to track student work and share scores and feedback with students throughout the semester.

  • Canvas Quizzes
    Quizzes and exams can be set up using Canvas Quizzes. All kinds of quizzes can be set up from multiple choice to open-ended questions.

  • Canvas Rubrics/Outcomes
    Canvas Rubrics/Outcomes is a feature in Canvas that allows to articulate the expectations for an assignment by listing the criteria and describing levels of quality from excellent to poor.

  • Canvas SpeedGrader
    The SpeedGrader allows the instructor to retrieve student submissions and grade them. A grade can be assigned through this feature along with feedback. Feedback can be provided in a written comment form, audio form, or video form or it can be attached as a separate document.