Required Tests and Placement

Placement examinations may be required for certain Open University classes. For more information visit the Testing Office.

Calculus Placement Exam

This test is required for all students wishing to enroll in MATH 20 or MATH 30.

NOTE: This exam may not be used as a substitute for ELM.

Please visit the Testing Office website for information at

Credit by Examination

Academic credit may be earned through CBE for any department-approved SJSU 0-100 level course for which an equivalent CLEP exam is not available. Credit earned from CBE is non-transferable and awarded on a Credit/No Credit basis; it can only be used to clear SJSU requirements and assist with progress towards a degree at SJSU. For more information visit the Testing Office's Credit by Examination page.

Music Placement Examinations

 Please visit the Music Department Website for more information