Career Versus School: Life After SJSU

On Thursday November 19th, the ESSC, Career Center, and Graduate Admissions (GAPE) hosted a Career versus School; Life After SJSU event where they discussed the benefits of choosing career or school after SJSU and the differences between the two.

Benefits of Choosing Career First:

  • Start hands-on experience towards something you studied.
  • Pay off student loan, etc.
  • Job can pay potentially for graduate school.
  • Might be burned out from school and work is a change of pace

Benefits of Choosing Graduate School First:

  • Can start career at a potentially higher pay
  • Can make more networking opportunities
  • Continue momentum from being in graduate school
  • Financial aid may look different if you work full-time and you may be given more aid since you have not worked full time.

Benefits of Staying at SJSU for Graduate School:

  • Comfortable with the resources available to you
  • Already have a support system of advisers, faculty, and friends
  • Adjusted to the pace of semester system at SJSU

Benefits of Choosing Another School for Graduate School;

  • Expand your horizons and network with other staff and faculty and student
  • Opportunities for Graduate Assistantships
  • Get to explore a new setting

View slides from the workshop [pdf].