SASS (formerly Guided Pathways) Advising


Students taking ENGR 10 have a hold placed on their account. This is part of an advising initiative to increase graduation and retention rates and provide students the support needed to understand their Engineering curriculum requirements. Students with this "Engr Success Center" hold will receive notification about the process for having this hold removed.

Using My Planner

SJSU has a tool called MyPlanner that helps students plan courses to take until graduation. The prerequisite chains are programmed in and it will automatically suggest a roadmap based on credit that is already completed. This video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the tool.

Introduction (0:00-0:22, replace the first 2 webpage screenshots: you are on the starting page | link to MySJSU Tools)
Review the Engr Success Center hold on your MySJSU account (0:22-1:29)
Preferences and details on using MyPlanner (1:29-4:35)
Things to Remember (4:35-5:24, note the current URL for the ESSC Hold webpage)
Enjoy the video presentation!