Sophomore Success Welcome

The Spartan Sophomore Success Program kicked off on August 20, 2020 with the welcome event at the start of Fall semester, where students had an opportunity to meet with the ESSC Staff and the partners of the College of Engineering.

The Welcome included presentations and introduction of ESSC and Career Center staff:

Jesus Santos ESSC Advisor and Spartan Sophomore Success Program Coordinator
Sarah Gordon ESSC Director
Alerie Flandez ESSC Advisors
Shelbie Taylor
Liliana Alonso
Kelly Masegian Career Advisor specialized in Engineering Students
Ahmed Banafa ESSC Guided Pathways Advisors
Smita Duorah
Jack Warecki

We are hosting career events, specialized advising for specific majors, academic events to enrich your study skills and help you improve and develop your skills so you are more likely to obtain internships, jobs, and/or be better equipped to attend graduate school.

Advice for your sophomore year

  • Create an email signature on your SJSU email to communicate effectively with faculty and staff
  • Create/Update your resume so you can apply for an internship
  • Work on your cover letter so you can apply for an internship
  • Practice your interviewing skills with mock interviews
  • Aim for a high GPA to be eligible for internships, job, and graduate school opportunities
  • Join a club or organization to expand your networking and resume skills
  • Volunteer to gain experience and give back to the community
  • Apply for an on-campus/virtual SJSU position
  • Start learning about study abroad opportunities
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Learn about graduate school and what majors you can do
  • Network with alumni and people in your interested field
  • Learn about your major and what career opportunities you can pursue with your respective major
  • Explore a minor if it is right for you and your career development
  • Meet with your major advisor and/or the ESSC once per semester to track your progress towards graduation

Career Resources from MEP:

Graduate School:

Start researching early!

Graduate (MS) Programs in College of Engineering

  1. choose the major then read the section on Admissions
  2. look into courses, possible to work on pre-requisites while working on undergraduate degree

Plan and prepare ahead of time!

Admissions - GAPE

  1. find Deadlines - choose domestic or international (admissions done in cycles)
  2. scroll down to College of Engineering and choose the major (can apply to only one major)

Career Resources for Engineering

SJSU Resources [pdf]

Throughout the year, please ensure that you are seeing the ESSC and check out the ESSC website to find out the programs and events we are hosting.