How to Get a Scholarship

On Tuesday November 10th and Wednesday November 18th, the ESSC and Financial Aid (FASO) teamed up to discuss opportunities and strategies available to students interested in receiving scholarships.

Apply to as many scholarships as you can.

  • Ensure that you meet the requirements for the scholarships you are applying for, e.g. GPA, Major, and any other special requirements.
  • Ensure that you apply to the scholarships by their deadline(s).

Be careful when applying for outside scholarships as they may be false scholarships. Ways to ensure they are actual scholarships are:

  • Fees to apply for scholarships
  • Do not provide credit card information.
  • Carefully review when they ask for personal information.

Scholarships may require letters of recommendation.

  • Ensure that you are building relationships with Faculty and/or Staff so they can write a positive letter of reference.
  • Some letters of recommendation may require faculty/professors only, and some may be more lenient.
  • Have your essays reviewed by the Writing Center to ensure typos and other mistakes are corrected.

See Available SJSU COE Scholarships.

View slides from the workshop [pdf].