Time Management

The ESSC hosted 2 Time Management workshops, on Monday August 24th and Thursday August 27th. The workshop allowed students the opportunity to create their own time management grid and plan out how to balance everything in order to have a successful semester.

The presentation stressed the importance of attending classes, the first block you should put on your time management grid since you are balancing everything else around your classes. Next come the wake up, lunch, and dinner, each of which need an hour of time blocked out in a consistent way throughout the week, to ensure a balanced sleep schedule and diet routine. Next add travel time, and although we are not traveling due to being remote, allow time to log into your computer and set yourself up for class (this process should be 30 minutes). Then add 2.5 hours per 1 hour of class time (which averages out to 30 hours a week) for studying. Studying can look many different ways: tutoring, clubs and organization meeting and questions, professor office hours to ask for help on a subject, email, advising, and anything having to do with academics. Then allot 1-2 hours per day to do things you enjoy: napping, watching television, going for a jog or hike, staying active, talking on the phone, or relaxing. Then have relaxation time for 30 minutes before going to sleep which includes your night routine. And don’t forget sleeping for 8+ hours depending on the day. During the weekend, Friday night after dinner, and Saturday we recommend leaving free to enjoy a night and full day off, while on Sunday you should focus again on studying for your weekday classes.

Resources for time management:

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